Consis Vertical Greenery Solution

Consis Group specialises in creating inspirations of nature with vertical greening solutions.

With decades of experience behind us, and the award-winning Consis Vertical Greenery System (Consis VGS), we are confident of bringing your vertical gardens to life – in ways that will captivate the hearts and minds of your visitors, while being simple to maintain for years to come.

Benefits of Consis VGS (Planter system/Pot system)

The innovative Consis VGS is the preferred vertical greenery solution among industry experts for a variety of reasons. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Built to last

    Providing your plants with durable structure, and your visitors with a safe environment - that lasts for decades
  • Fuss-free maintenance

    Featuring an “individual pot system” so plants can be easily replaced
  • Natural look

    Plants are grown naturally and vertically in pots (not horizontally on panels), giving foliage a realistic, natural look
  • All-in-one convenience

    Consis VGS is an integrated greenery system with irrigation, fertigation and drainage functions,
    • Giving every plant its own water and fertiliser supply
    • Saving water
    • Ensuring different types of plants flourish with precisely the care they need
  • “Instant Greenery” effect

    Get 95% greenery coverage from day one – without waiting months for plants to grow and “fill out” your green walls
  • Safe

    Consis VGS has an excellent fire rating of UL 94 Class V0, meeting building fire resistance requirements (The UNIQUE FSSD Class 0 VGS system)
  • Customised to your needs

    Maintenance and irrigation is customised to your building’s specifications (our specialists will conduct feasibilities studies to determine what’s best for your environment)
  • Flexible designs choices

    Structures are available in attractive two-dimensional (i.e. flat) and spectacular three-dimensional choices
  • Building Design Integration

    Consis VGS can be integrated to your building design, creating a perfectly natural looking, green environment
  • Lightweight

    Safe for buildings and structures of all types, thanks to its lightweight frame
  • Simple installation

    Created from a module system, installing and modifying Consis VGS in your building is quick and easy

Other CONSIS Vertical Greenery Systems

Alongside Consis VGS, we also offer alternative vertical greening solutions. If you would like to know more about our other offerings, let us know and we’ll be glad to help

  • CONSIS Cassette System(Carrier System)
  • CONSIS Support System (climber system)

Plant Selection

In addition to designing your green walls, our experts will also advise you on plant selections. These choices are based on a combination of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Environment
  • Maintenance requirements