Choosing a Greenery System

Are you new to vertical greening and need some advice? This is the place to be. Vertical greenery can be beautiful to marvel at, and a snap to maintain – or it can be a tangled green nightmare.

Selecting the right greenery system is a big decision, and one you should only make after reading this essential vertical greening checklist.

  1. How long will it take for the plants to grow and 'fill up' the environment, so it looks like the artist’s impression images?

    Depending on the system you choose, you may not have the full “greening effect” delivered immediately with the installation of your system. Certain systems require plants to grow substantially in order to cover up gaps and achieve full coverage. This is not a fault of the installers, merely a requirement of the system used. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on showing off your green walls on grand opening day.

    Or, you could trust your big day to the Consis Vertical Greenery System. Our systems are purpose built to give you "instant greenery", with at least 95% greenery coverage on delivery.

  2. How do I maintain my green walls?

    Maintenance will usually be handled by your selected vertical greening vendor, so you won’t need to worry about physically maintain it yourself. However, there are a few things to take note of.

    Firstly, what happens when a plant dies? As your green walls are a long-term installation, this is a common and inevitable occurrence. When choosing a system, it’s best to select one that has allows for individual plant replacements. This allows you to maintain a consistent showcase of healthy greenery, without having to replace an entire section of plants because of one has withered (this lowers maintenance costs significantly, and ensures no healthy plants are wasted through premature replacement).

    Another important question you should ask is, how is maintenance done? The Consis Vertical Greenery System ensures all maintenance is done behind the scenes, in walkways hidden from view. This means :

    1. Maintenance can be done at any time, swiftly and safely - even if visitors are present.
    2. Costs are lower, and there is no need to close off an area of your building for maintenance work.
    3. Your visitors will always see nature (and your building) at its finest – no boom lifts, scaffolding or workers in sight to interrupt the beauty of your green environment.
  3. Can my green wall be integrated into my building’s unique architecture?

    With traditional green wall systems, green walls had to be ‘flushed’ onto walls (i.e. Placing the green wall system onto your building’s wall to “paint your walls green”).

    This all changes with the highly customisable CONSIS VGS, which allows for creative and flexible implementation of your greening system. Now, your greening system can be intelligently integrated with your building’s architecture, creating a spectacular “Green Ecosystem” effect in your environment.