About Us


A trusted name in the Building Construction and Landscape industry, Consis has built a solid reputation for our quality work and excellent service over the past few decades.

Consis Vertical Greenery System (Consis VGS)

In 2006, the Consis Vertical Greenery System was unveiled to the public at the Singapore Garden Festival, and has been our company’s flagship product ever since.

Over the years, Consis VGS has garnered a faithful following among architects, landscape architects and other clients for its winning features – easy installation, immediate results (also referred to as “instant greenery”), high durability, low maintenance and most importantly, an unmatched level of customisation to perfect suit each client’s unique needs.

Our proven system is fully integrated with automatic irrigation, drainage and fertilisation functions. Consis VGS provides a holistic ecology for plants, ideal for them to grow and thrive. Across the globe, our satisfied clients attest to the unrivalled benefits of Consis VGS.


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