Other Information

This page contains a brief overview of other useful information related to planning for and maintaining your vertical greenery.


Be sure your appointed vertical greenery vendor is aware of these safety concerns.

Structural Integrity of System
Your vendor must ensure all structural elements, including bracings and attachments, are able carry the load of the vertical greenery

Safety Features
Features such as maintenance access, anchorage points, etc. should be part of your building’s design requirements. This is essential for future maintenance work that will be carried out for your vertical greenery.

Lightning Protection
Engage an electrical engineer to install a lightning protection system to protect your people, and your vertical greenery system.

Plant Selection

Your vendor should be able to advise you on the plants needed to create your green abode. However, it is useful to know this information yourself. Vertical greenery is a long-term investment, and plant selection is crucial to achieving best results, for now and the future.

Select Hardy, Fuss-Free Plants
Whenever possible, choose plants that are suitable for your environment (indoor or outdoor, temperature, hardiness, etc.).

Plants that require less maintenance, are drought and disease-resistant, are preferred. To lower maintenance costs, select plants that are slow-growing, so less pruning needs to be done.

Your selections will vary according to the colours, look and design of your overall structure.